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Con motivo del centenario del fallecimiento de Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, la Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre dedica una colección de monedas conmemorativas al pintor español de mayor proyección internacional de su tiempo y una de las figuras capitales de la historia del arte español en su conjunto.
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"Coming out of the bath 1915"
This canvas, painted in Valencia, shows a woman drying a naked child, whom she wraps in an impressive white cloth. The intense midday sun falls vertically on the cloth, filling the painting with light; one of the hallmarks of Sorolla's style was precisely his ability to deal with the blinding light of the Mediterranean summer. The simplicity of the scene and the subject allowed Sorolla to devote all his attention to the formal execution of the painting. "The Horse Bathing" 1909
With its dazzling light, its white tones and the beaches of Valencia, it is undoubtedly one of the painter's most significant canvases and one of Sorolla's most respected and popular works. Sorolla turns this simple everyday scene into a monumental painting: a boy, probably the son of a fisherman, emerges from the sea driving the horse he had taken to the water to refresh himself. The intense light, the shine of the horse's and the boy's skin, and the reflections of the water on the edge of the sand show the level of mastery and enjoyment that Sorolla had reached in his painting in 1909, one of the high points of his career.

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Year minted2023
Country of originSpain