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20 Francs Marianne (1899-1914) gold coin

Las imágenes representan la categoría de la moneda. Diferentes años o motivos los suministramos según disponibilidad. No existe el derecho al envío de un determinado año.
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Marianne, the symbol of the French Revolution.

The gold coin 20 Francs Marianne is one of the so-called circulating gold coins. In the past, this coin served as a means of payment. It has a high quality mint, which makes it serve today as investment gold like bullion. The high circulation of these historical coins guarantees that they are not only interesting for collectors, but above all for the gold investor. The coin contains 5.81 grams of pure gold, to the effect of being able to compare its value with the gold ingots; and that with the 10% of added weight, we obtain the 6.45 grams of total weight, with an alloy to 90% that does that our gold is more protected, facilitates its transport, avoids that it is scratched accidentally, etc.... already known advantages of the coins with alloy. All this makes it an ideal option for investors and collectors. The quality/grams of gold/price ratio make this coin its best value, as well as its Latin Monetary League counterparts, such as the 20 Swiss Francs (Vrenelli), Belgians, pesetas, liras, etc...

Diameter: 21 mm. Country of origin: France Approximate weight: 6.4500g Fine gold weight: 5.81g Fineness: 0.9000 Type of packaging: Rigid plastic capsule / Plastic purse Year of stamp: The years or the different terminations are delivered subject to availability. Preservation quality: Commercially available quality.

- Front:
The image of Marianne appears, representing freedom and reason. This image is surrounded by the inscription Republique Francaise.
- Reverse:
On the back of this coin is El Gallo, the universal symbol of French history and culture.
The inscriptions surrounding the Rooster are: LIBERTE * EGALITE* FRATERNITE. And the year of minting at the base.

From 1899 - 1905, the inscription is # Dieu protège la France #
From 1907-1914 is # Liberté Egalité Fraternité #

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Gross weight (g)6.45
Precious metal weight (g)5.81
Diameter21 mm
Year minted1899-1914
Country of originFrance