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100 Coronas Austria moneda de oro

Las imágenes representan la categoría de la moneda. Diferentes años o motivos los suministramos según disponibilidad. No existe el derecho al envío de un determinado año.
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The 100 Austrian kroner gold coin is one of the so-called circulation gold coins, i.e. these coins were in circulation as a means of payment in the past. They were minted in such high numbers that today, if in good condition, they are used as popular investment coins. The Austrian crown was the first gold coin of the Danube monarchy. We offer you the coins of the Austrian Mint. They were produced between 1912 and 1992 and are particularly attractive for the gold investor due to the moderate premium. Of course, you will receive all coins in good condition.

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Precious metal weight (g)30.49
Year mintedDelivery in different years or finishes depending on availability.
Country of originAustria