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1 Sovereign Elizabeth II "Diadem" 1974-1984 Gold coin

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The sovereign originated from a gold coin first minted by Henry VII in the 15th century. From 1817 until the end of the First World War, the tradition of the sovereign was revived. In our online shop we offer you the popular gold coin on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II who was first cradled in 1957. This coin has found its friends among investors beyond the borders of Great Britain. The Isabel II sovereign gold coin "diadem" belongs to the so-called circulating gold coins, i.e. these coins were in circulation in the past as a means of payment. They were minted in such high circulation that today they serve as popular investment coins.

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Gross weight (g)7.98
Precious metal weight (g)7.32
Diameter22 mm
Year mintedDelivery in different years or finishes depending on availability.
Country of originGreat Britain