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1 Sovereign Elisabeth II (braided hair) 1957-1968 Gold coin

The illustrations represent the type of coin. Different years or motifs are supplied according to availability. It is not possible to insure the shipment of a certain year.
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The sovereign gold coin Elisabeth II "braided hair" belongs to the so-called circulating gold coins, i.e. these coins were in circulation in the past as a means of payment. There was such a high circulation that today they serve as popular investment coins. Elizabeth II has ruled the British Empire since 1952. The design of the coin was adapted several times during the empire. Coins from 1957 to 1968 show the young Elizabeth II with her leaf crown and her hair braid.

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Gross weight (g)7.98
Precious metal weight (g)7.32
Diameter22 mm
Year minted1957-1968
Country of originGreat Britain